Top Cinemas To Visit In London

Countless cinemas adorn the city of London, so which one should you visit? The truth is unless you’re looking for a spectacular movie experience, then most cinemas will do the job just fine. But considering you’re visiting London, you’re likely looking for something that’s a little different to what you’re used to. After all, you don’t want to settle for ordinary attractions – especially if it’s a cinema experience.


That’s why we’ve rounded some of the most unique cinema experiences in London.

1) The Secret Cinema

The Secret Cinema is perfect for kids who have a fascination with the Star Wars Series. Reviews have dubbed the event has a staggering technical achievement – blending outstanding visuals with a live theatre experience that will have guests being part of a Star Wars Universe. The Secret Cinema is marketed as a cinema that specialises in immersive cinema experiences – providing cult classics and certain new releases.

2) Underground Film Club

The Underground Film Club is also open during selected months of the year, featuring a mix of classics that include Casablanca, Some like it hot, Amy, and Jurassic Park. Another similar venue is the outdoor film club in Regents Park, but considering it’s the winter, visiting the Underground Film instead no doubt makes far more sense. Although if you’re visiting in the summer be sure to check out the outdoor film club, which you can conveniently enjoy after a day out at London Zoo.

3) The Coronet

The Coronet Cinema is housed in a simple building beside Notting Hill station. If you haven’t watched a movie in one of these older, classic venues, then we recommend the Coronet for your first time experience. Not only does it show emerging movies from new talent, but mainstream movies are also shown. Besides that, movies on Tuesday only cost £3.50.

4) Imax in the West End

The IMAX is one of the most thrilling and immersive cinema experiences you’ll have the chance to experience in your lifetime. Found in the West End near Piccadilly Circus (among other places), it hosts the latest blockbuster films in spectacular style. One of the reasons we had to put this cinema on this list is because of its location. After a long day of shopping and sight-seeing, you’re most likely want to chill out. It’s location makes it easy to do that from a walking distance, especially if you’re staying at the Hotel near Piccadilly Circus station known as the Shaftesbury Piccadilly.

5) The Cornet

These cinemas are a far cry from the conventional ODEON Cinemas and Vue Cinemas you’ll see throughout London. While they might show the latest feature films, you are better off visiting one of the cinemas above to get a greater appreciation for the movie. This September the Portobello Film Festival will be taking place – giving you a chance to discover emerging movies, documentaries, and animation shows in the area. Besides, there will be a lot of festivity going on considering it’s the 20th anniversary of the event.

6) Hot Tub Cinema

Watching a film in a hot tub is as far as from conventional as you can get. Filmgoers will find that the Hot Tub Cinema is more than a movie event. Everyone is encouraged to have fun by dressing up, singing and having a drink or two. The Hot Tub Cinema was originally a private party with just one hot tub. This quickly evolved into the first public Hot Tub Cinema on July 7th, 2012. This is a popular event which is established in other cities in the UK and overseas in New York and Ibiza.

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