Three Days Out In London Without Exhaustion

London is an exciting city filled with numerous attractions – but is it worth visiting if you only have three days? Perhaps it’d be easier to make the argument for a weekend visit if you’re visiting a smaller capital city in Europe – but London is huge. So, is it still worth your time if you have a couple of days?

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The reality is that while the city may be huge, with the right attractions and strategy, you can still experience a sensational holiday in London over a weekend. The caveat is that you’ll have to be okay with making a few compromises, and you’ll have to be extra diligent with the way you plan your trip.

Perhaps you won’t see as many attractions as the average traveller. Perhaps you’ll stick to local attractions. Whatever the case may be, your shorter trip can still be just as memorable (if not more so) than a longer one.

You must plan the attractions you plan on visiting

With the seemingly infinite choices for where to go and what to do, unless you plan – it’s easy to feel frustrated and confused when your weekend rolls around. But by planning your weekend to the tee, and staying in a central accommodation, you’ll have easy access to a delightful, mesmerising weekend in London.

Start your trip with a Bus Tour

We recommend arriving early in the morning, checking in at your hotel and planning the rest of your day around three attractions. The first thing we recommend is booking a London Bus tour for your day. That way, you can get a great insight into the city and get the contextual backdrop of the city. If you like, you can also take a walking tour.

bus tour

One of our best tips for a short trip is to have three to four attractions in mind for each day. Now you might argue that you could do more than visit three to four attractions in a day. And while that’s true we feel it’s best to not put too much pressure on yourself. If you do end up having free time, you can easily just visit an alternative spontaneous attraction.

Allow some space for spontaneity

For all the merits of planning, there’s going to be some attractions that you just stumble into so to speak. Places where you experience a lot of thrill that you didn’t expect to discover. If you overschedule for your holiday, then you’re not going to end up leaving space for the magical synchronicities that may occur in your time in the city.

One of the magical parts to travelling to London is the diverse culture. Moreover, there’s always plenty to see and do, and numerous events take place. That means you’ll stroll through the city more confidently because you know exactly what you’ll find enjoyable.

Consider the Hotels in Piccadilly Circus and the London Hotel Special offers for your weekend stayThey are perfectly designed to bring you everything you need for a fabulous short trip. For instance, here you’ll find excellent Wi-Fi, a pleasant bar and restaurant, along with much more. Piccadilly is also ideal because it’s close to many of the stores in the city. In summing, three days is plenty of time to enjoy the city if you have the right strategy.

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