Interesting Places To See Near London’s South Bank

The West End in London is glamorised the same way Times Square is in New York. With so many attractions and activities here, it’s true that the heart of London lies here. The West End is essentially the poster child of the capital, plastered in Movie scenes and cards. But the reality is that, with the city being so huge, there’s plenty of exciting things to enjoy outside the centre of the city.

Take, for instance, London’s South Bank – home to a rich diversity of galleries and museums.

Not only is it a place worth visiting for its cultural art scene, but it’s also a delightful place just for the vibe alone. The river peninsula makes this part of the city seem less congested, and it has a different more subdued and calm atmosphere, compared to the West End.

In the West End, the archetypal representation of fun and excitement, you’ll find countless shops, activities, museums, and events. In the beginning, it can be fun, but towards the end of your trip, it may start to feel a little draining. Staying in South bank will allow you to experience another side to London.

Skylark Galleries

The small Skylark Galleries are delightful in their presentation and what they provide. Visitors here have the opportunity to meet the very artists who created some of the works on display. In that sense, it may be more appealing for those who always want to learn more behind the subtleties of art. Interestingly enough, not many galleries provide the opportunity for visitors to meet the artists. So be sure to take a peek inside the Skylark Galleries during your visit to South Bank.

The London EYE

Just across from the River Thames, visitors can experience an extraordinary skyscraper champagne experience with fast track access, perfect for a romantic evening. The views are fantastic any time of the day, but we recommend a late sunset visit for the best time possible. If you’re visiting in the winter and it’s quite cloudy, then we say you opt for the night time.  Book your stay at the nearby hotels near Shaftesbury Avenue or experience an accommodation in Piccadilly.

London eye

The SEA Life London Aquarium

With a recently developed penguin point now open, and a myriad of aquatic sea life to discover, this is one of those perfect attractions for families. Especially for visitors to London who are looking to experience something that’s a little different to what they’re used to. Unfortunately, many people don’t take full advantage indoor attractions because they believe that a city needs to be about all the exciting outdoor activities. Nothing could be further from the truth, particularly in London.

SEA Life London Aquarium

London o2 Dome – Climbing Experience

For the adventure minded traveller, the o2 climbing experience is one of our top picks. It’s a fantastic way to get both a terrific view of the city and adrenaline fuelled experience at the same time. Here, you’ll be taken on an upward journey right to the top of the dome. Over the last few years, the o2 Dome, formerly the Millennium Dome has been open both for visitation and being climbed.

London o2 Dome

The attraction starts with a fifteen-minute safety briefing by the instructors, followed by ten minutes taken to prep yourself with other visitors. You’ll be wearing a harness and boots so that you’re safe throughout the experience.

The South Bank is just across the river from the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye. One of the ideal experiences we recommend is to take a high-adrenaline sightseeing tour on one of the speed boat cruises. It’s a novel way to take in the city, and while London Eye gives you an excellent view, the speed boats give you an incredible, unique angle into the city’s architecture.

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