Free Things To Do In London With Kids

Visiting London with family, let alone travelling to any city with your children, can be challenging. While you may have your inclinations for you what you want to do on this trip, you have to consider the desires of your children first.

For instance, you may love art, but you recognise that your toddler isn’t going to have much appreciation for the same. In that case, you need to pick activities and experiences that your whole family will enjoy. And if your children are too young, then it might be worth considering leaving them with a nanny or family for a weekend trip.

But if your kids are at a good age, where you don’t need to helplessly attend to their requirements all their time, then you can at least travel with a general baseline of comfort. In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the experiences available in London that we think your family as a whole will be likelier to enjoy. Pick what you find useful for your trip, discard the rest, and add what’s uniquely your own.

Enjoy Animal Wildlife and Nature in London

The London Zoo and the London Sealife Aquarium comprise two of the best animal explorations in the city. The London Zoo has over700 animal species and is divided into various areas. The Aquarium has over 400 species including walking crabs, penguins and rare Cuban crocodiles. So if you’re visiting with young children, we recommend you visit both of these attractions.

London zoo

Another great activity we recommend for you is to visit the famous and magnificent Hyde Park. Here you’ll find the serpentine lake, and with the boating ride experience, you can have a lovely family experience on a summery day. Of course, if you’re visiting in a season where it’s not particularly sunny, visiting parks isn’t going to be your priority.

Whatever the case may be, London has plenty of outdoor attractions for you to enjoy. So go ahead and make sure you benefit from the city at its finest by being open to the many opportunities here. For an excellent family accommodation, consider the sensational London Hotel Packages at the Hotels in Piccadilly Circus.

Take a trip to the Harry Potter Studios

For many children, the mysterious universe of Harry Potter has kindled a love of reading that they didn’t have before. Naturally, it’s apt that we take a look at some of the iconic locations featured in the film, so that visitors who are fans of the series can in some way, bring the series of Harry Potter to life during their visit to London.

Harry Potter Tour

That’s why we wholeheartedly recommend the Harry Potter studios. They not only provide visitors with tremendous insight into how the franchise was made but they also unconsciously help people understand how movies are made. In that sense, it’s just as much of an educational as an entertainment venue. Very few attractions, even in London, manage to combine both these aspects – so delightfully.

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